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April 28, 2009

Part written back on the 8th of April:

The hubby is gone until next Friday and I have the kids, a couple stitches, and a wedding to go to.  Sure he has work, but in comparison as a mom I have to say he has it easy.  I guess I need to just accept that unless I do something silly like go join the Reserves like he has, I do not get 2 weeks away.  Although, I am not sure even if I had the two weeks I would be happy.  I went out last night thanks to our babysitter and ended up having dinner alone, not as fun as advertised, and ended up buying groceries and spending money on the kids.  I thought about going and buying lingerie or something but it just is not as much fun without a girlfriend to go with.  I have been bad about posting but I did post another article at ECP.  Click the link to read it.  I need to write another one this week, but writer’s block is killing my creativity.

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Out of Left Field

March 5, 2009

Way too much has been happening lately.  But honestly with my husband and I, it seems like chaos is part of our family, that is if chaos were an actual entity.  And if chaos where an actual entity, the closest embodiment would probably be Libby.  If you ever met my kid, you would understand why I say this.  As my mom said the other day, “She has a face of an angel…” and I finished that sentence with, “and the mind of a little devil.”  But honestly it isn’t the kids lately that have been too much.

Starting at the beginning of this week the following has happened:

  1. Sunday at about 4pm, my husband decided it was a good time to demolish the corner in our living room.  I am not kidding I have the following pictures to back up my statement.  Please ignore the horrible photography and well I couldn’t get hubby to stand still. Okay, granted the fireplace was busted and it would have had to been ripped out eventually, but seriously 4pm on a Sunday?  Not even my feminine whiles could stop him.  As my friend Joc told me, he just had to do something manly.  Of course by Tuesday my husband said to me if he tries to do something like that again I can just say the word “fireplace” and that would stop him.
  2. Had to have a plumber come out and get rid of the gas line that was originally attached to the fireplace.  (Note: Big pipe sticking into the middle of the room waiting for my toddler to hurt herself on it in the above picture)
  3. I caught up with 3 of my closest friends Joc, Ali, and Meghan.  Some with shocking news, like tumors and surgery, and others with happy news that they will be visiting me soon.  All I have to say is boo tumors and YAY company!
  4. My husband has volunteered to leave on a mission for the Navy for the better half of this month.  He needs to do his 2 weeks, but this is extremely short notice.  Unfortunately, my sister will be visiting during the time he is gone because there is a wedding coming up that we will all be going to later this month, in which my sister is a bride’s maid.  This is is in addition to the fact that he will be gone this weekend and then the weekend following his return.
  5. My dog took the liberty of peeing on the carpet and sofa, how he accomplished this I have no clue.  I didn’t know he could have that much pee in him.  Twenty minutes later he went outside and peed again.  My dog either has a very large or very tiny bladder, I cannot figure out which.
  6. My mom informed me she wants me to teach her how to use a computer finally.  Although, she has said this before, I feel that this time she actually means it.
  7. I finally got a new article up on ECP.
  8. Went grocery shopping, did laundry and some other domestic stuff in the middle of all this.  Especially focused on vacuuming to make sure the living room is safe for the kids.
  9. I have been invited to a taping of a show, A Place of Our Own!  I am trying to find someone to watch my toddler and waiting to hear back if I can take baby with me.

I am probably forgetting something in this list, but I am too tired.  So please go enjoy some articles over at ECP and have a wonderful evening.

The Joys of Marriage

February 24, 2009

In a previous post I mentioned my new dress and now I am on the lookout for a pair of shoes to go with them.  I think I found the pair, but they are a little pricey.  So this evening after the kids went to sleep, my husband challenged me to some Wii Sports to see if I could “win” them.  Well, suffice to say I did win the right to buy the shoes.  It was a lot of fun, played some bowling first and then some tennis (which I personally think is nowhere near as fun as tennis irl).

Amidst playing I thought of a license plate that would be hilarious for a gamer (yeah I am a geek).  Back in the days when I played WoW it was customary at least once a night that someone would say in chat, I’m going to WTFPWNU (if you need a translation feel free to email me).  Sort of funny to see it on a car, but it definitely doesn’t fit a family car, more like a sporty fast car.  It would be uber awesome on a Tesla Roadster I think.  I can dream can’t I?

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Saturday: 1st Rumination

February 21, 2009

I figured I should have something consistent in my blog, and so I have decided to add proverbs. No not the kind you find in the Bible. Instead, I figured I could find odd ones that reflect life. I have a couple other ideas for this blog as well, since as long as the kids are sick and all hell is breaking lose nothing green is going to be going in my life other than buying biodegradable products and stuff with less packaging (which is hardly news IMO as I have been doing that for a while).

So I will be having Saturday ruminations. Why did I pick the word ruminate? Well take a look at the definition from and decide for yourself.
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Backseat Driver

February 20, 2009

So I called my husband this evening amidst going down to the hospital lobby to get fuel coffee.  He informed me that Libby is no longer allowed to listen to rap music (yes we are those type of hooligans people who listen to rap on occasion).  While the beat is wonderful and she likes dancing bouncing to it, she is starting to repeat words.  I guess he played something that had the word “go” in it and the minute the singer said “go” there was a trail of “go go go go go” from the backseat, as if a record got stuck.  I guess she also took the liberty to repeatedly tell my husband “go” every time he came to a stop or started to slow down.  We officially have a pushy backseat driver for a daughter.  Hopefully, Adela will not follow her lead, but now that I have said that I have just sealed our fate probably.

In other news, I guess the dress for my sister’s friend’s wedding came in.  I purchased it on Gilt Group, Jessica introduced me to the site and gave me an invite, if you would like an invite please feel free to email me at c4ff13nd at yahoo dot com.  To see a picture of the dress follow the link.

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Another PICU Visit

February 17, 2009

It seems that Adela will be visiting the PICU again. It is currently 23:22 as I write this and while both my kids were seen because of chest congestion, coughing, and difficulty of breath just yesterday, my youngest is having a harder time of it. We contacted our pediatrician who sent us to the pediatric urgent care, who is now sending my husband and Adela to a hospital with a PICU. Granted it is a good PICU, in the neighborhood I grew up in, but my current dilemma is I am not with her. I am currently feeling like I get a big fat “F”. My husband took Adela because I have been getting massive migraines, partially due to stress from all of us getting sick, school, finances, the list goes on. The other big reason is because my glasses got smashed into my face when I was playing with Libby and they do not quite sit on my face properly anymore. We are out of over the counter migraine medicine and I am sitting here with a throbbing head and a quesy stomach thinking I should be the one with her. My husband should be able to sleep at home in bed and go to work tomorrow. But instead I am here to take care of Libby and we are going to have to switch up spots tomorrow. For those of you who do read this, do not be too alarmed. Both the kidlets were diagnosed with RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which is not life threatening but unfortunately it is taking its toll on Adela’s little 3.5 month old body and the doctors want to make sure she recovers properly.

Naptime News: Real World News

February 12, 2009

From Merriam-Webster Online
Main Entry: 1wel·fare
Pronunciation: \ˈwel-ˌfer\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from the phrase wel faren to fare well
Date: 14th century
1: the state of doing well especially in respect to good fortune, happiness, well-being, or prosperity
2 a: aid in the form of money or necessities for those in need b: an agency or program through which such aid is distributed

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Being a Man: Sis, please understand I need to vent

February 4, 2009

Nope, not a sex change.  But currently this is a topic of discussion in my family as my sister’s husband is being a douche.  Yeah, I won’t post my sister’s name on here, or his, despite my overwhelming desire to beat him upside the head.  And if he reads this, it is time to deal with the fact you are acting like a douche.

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‘Adultery’ service targets married Texans

February 4, 2009

A dating service is targeting its advertising at married people — encouraging them to commit adultery.

I think my sister has a point as to why she doesn’t want her husband visiting Texas, especially since all his friends who live there want to do is go to a strip club. Where they claim they are allowed to everything except the horizontal tango. Of course, you never know what money can buy, they do after all drop $500 to $600 every time they attend the strip club.

When those men on Capitol Hill were thinking of stimulating the economy, I am not sure that is what they had on their mind. But who knows?

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My Conversion

January 29, 2009

No, I did not go off and join a new religion.  Most of my good friends know that I end the religion conversation by just throwing out the phrase “I grew up Catholic”.  It is by far the best conversation killer out there, especially when speaking to Christians.

sexy_linuxNo, instead I have converted to Linux.  A better part of last weekend was spent wiping the hard drive of inappropriate content cleaning up my desktop and well I asked my IT guru husband to make it a dual boot WinXP and Ubuntu 8.10.  Since then I have only loaded WinXP once, and that was to figure out if it was just Linux messing with me when I was trying to get on the internet or my wireless card had gotten loose.  So far, the battle between Ubuntu and I is currently a tied score.  The good news is I am thoroughly enjoying this game and I am in it for the long haul.

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