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Review: Nature Babycare Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

August 27, 2008
In addition to the Nature Babycare Diapers, which I previously reviewed, we also use the Fragrance Free Baby Wipes from the Nature Babycare line of products. They can be purchased in Target stores or at for $3.79 individually or a case of 10 for $34.99 ($3.50/package). Again similar to the diapers from this company these pros to these wipes are as follows:

  • 100% natural and chlorine free as well as alcohol-free
  • 100% compostable consumer packaging
  • While thin they are pretty durable, they do not have a tendency to tear like the Huggies wipes do when I am pulling them out of the package

The cons:

  • They are thin and aren’t that big, although most wipes don’t seem to be that big, so inevitably I end up using at least 2 for each diaper change I do.
  • They easily dry out when the packaging is not properly resealed, although I have found that if you get an empty wipes case that seals tightly you can put them in there and they stay nice and moist.

Other than that they appear to be the only wipes that don’t seem to irritate our daughters delicate skin, we have tried Huggies wipes as well as Seventh Generation and they both seem to cause mild irritation and seem to increase the frequency with which she would get diaper rash. Other than the cloth wipes, with home made solution, which I think work the best hands down out of any wipes I have tried, I think the Nature Babycare are my second favorite if I have to grab some wipes.

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