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Review: Buns Up Wipe Solution Cubes

August 28, 2008

Even now I still occasionally will use cloth wipes to take care of our daughter during diaper changes, and as a result a wipe solution is a necessity to help clean up. I found the Buns Up Wipe solution cubes while surfing the internet for cloth diapering accessories, at Granola Babies. I figured I would try it out instead of always having to make home wipe solution, just due to time constraint at times. And surprisingly I really have no complaints about this product, I tried to think of some, I guess the only one I could come up with is that you have to wait for the cube to dissolve in the water. But the pluses to this product completely outweigh that small inconvenience, I actually will even use it when I use moist wipes because I like the smell and it seems to help prevent diaper rash.

  • Truly all natural they are a mild glycerin base with chamomile, witch hazel, tea tree and lavender (beat that Huggies!).
  • Very affordable, a 3 oz bag of cubes is $10 dollars on Granola Babies, you can find them on other websites as well, and that 3 oz bag will make up to 5 gallons of wipe solution.
  • Smells great!


  • Procrastinators like me will have to wait for that little cube to dissolve in the water if you don’t pre-make solution ahead of time.

By far this is one of my favorite products that I have found on the internet, and yes I realize it is just wipes solution but it is a really nice and simple wipes solution that really does the job.

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