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Review: gDiapers

August 28, 2008

These were our first choice when we had the big dilemma of having to give up on cloth diapering. We thought great these are just as wonderful, if not a better option because it doesn’t require a ton of washing, so we save water, and the liners are compostable or can be flushed. We picked a starter pack up from Whole Foods Market, the starter kit includes a little manual, two “little g” pants, 10 flushable inserts, and a swish stick for toilet disposal. You can also purchase them directly from or from But unfortunately gDiapers were not a big success in our house, I was willing to keep giving them a try, but my husband actually put his foot down when he ended up with #2 on his shirt after it leaked out of our daughter’s diaper.

  • Wonderful cloth outer shell that has a a snap-in liner into which you place the biodegradable liner. The snap-in liner allows for the cloth outer shell to be reused numerous times before having to wash. The fact that you can reuse the cloth outer shell repeatedly until dirty is wonderful, it actually is more eco-friendly than cloth diapering if you consider the fact that potable water is not exactly abundant, especially in California right now.
  • The liner is made of sustainable farmed wood pulp, sodium polyacrylate, cellulose rayon, which means no plastic!
  • The liners can be composted, flushed, or thrown away and they will break down in 50-150 days.
  • The cloth outer shell is 92% cotton and 8% spandex, no perfumes, no latex, no elemental chlorine.


  • Nowhere near as absorbant as a conventional disposable, although I have heard that you could squish two of the liners in for added absorbancy.
  • I found that with #2 it had a tendency to leak past the liners and either into the cloth outer shell or out of the diaper completely, I don’t know if this was a problem of fit, but I could not seem to remedy it by getting a different size.
  • Significantly more expensive even when compared to Nature Babycare, as a refill package is $14.49 for 40 flushables for the small size, or $14.49 for 32 medium/large size.

So unfortunately our foray into the world of gDiapers was an unsuccessful one, for those who have had success with them, wonderful I am very glad people are using them. And if you haven’t tried them and have the money please do as they are a wonderful alternative and you may have more success than I did with them. I have considered giving them another try as my daughter is now on solid foods and her stool is much more firm now so that may have solved the explosion problems. Overall gDiapers is a wonderful concept that I wish was more popular.

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