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Purchased a Stroller

September 15, 2008

I finally purchased a stroller after having trolled forums, read reviews, and done much measuring and remeasuring my Prius’ trunk and then comparing those measurements to the folded dimensions of many strollers. Mind you I paid a pretty penny for this stroller, which pains me to say since I was hoping to not spend a ton on a double stroller.

I purchased a pink camouflage (only because it was one of two colors on sale) Phil & Ted’s Four In One Sport Buggy Stroller from, I still can’t believe I purchased from a site with that url…
But it is a 2008 model and it came with a free attachment so I paid the base price of $419.95 instead of the full $509.95 price tag.

Here is the catch though! My husband asked me why there always has to be a back-up plan when we finally have found a stroller. That’s because I am such a penny pincher. As long as we don’t use the stroller before Thursday, which is when my husband and I will get to do some shopping at the SCV Kid’s Consignment Sale then we may still find something cheaper in the near future before the Phil & Ted’s stroller even arrives (it is currently estimated to arrive this Friday). At the very least I am hoping to find maybe a crib at the consignment sale since I just blew so much money on a stroller.

I guess I will just keep telling myself that I will be using it a lot. I guess I will be walking to my parent’s house more once the 100 degree heat subsides. But in the hopes of helping other parents going through the dilemma of a double stroller and a Prius, while I cannot provide a review on these strollers, they have relatively compact folded dimensions and I will provide these and price ranges for them below.

Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller
Folded Dimensions: I received an email finally frm Chicco in regards to the dimensions when folded and they are 44.6 x 10 x 16.7 inches.
Price that I have found online is $219.99

Combi Twin Sport 2 Double Stroller
Folded Dimensions: 22 x 16.5 x 40 inches
Price Ranging from $159.99 to $200+
Note: I have reservations about the Combi strollers after my experience with the Combi Helio, which I wrote a review on.

Zooper Tango Stroller
Folded Dimensions: 15.5×30.5×41 inches
Price Ranging from $299.99 (at, it is currently on sale, I do not know when the sale will end) all the way up to $429.99

Maclaren’s Twin Techno Stroller
Folded Dimensions: 45x18x17.5 inches
Price Ranging from $330.00 without the Comfort Pack or with Comfort Pack $361.00 to just over $400.00 online.
Note: The catch with Maclaren is they do not honor the warranty unless you buy from an authorized dealer, which you can locate using their website. They do not have Babies ‘R Us listed despite the fact that it is an authorized dealer (I contacted Maclaren in regards to this). The lowest price available for this stroller from an authorized dealer is $399.99 at Babies ‘R Us but the only comfort pack available is forest green.

Most of the prices that I have located are all from online retailers some of them national chains, some online boutiques, I used

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