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Medicine Cabinet Au Naturale

September 17, 2008

I receive the Babycenter Bulletin in my inbox just for random updates and helpful hints on parenting. Yesterday I received their bulletin with a link titled “10 poisons found in every home”, which led to an article “Poison-proofing your home”. It started making my wheels turn about what could be done about some of the more obvious compounds you can find in your home that your children could possibly get their little hands on and ingest. I already have latches on all the cabinets, but there is always room for improvement. Since I already use all biodegradable natural cleaners, most of them either from Method or Shaklee, my medicine cabinet is the next area to tackle.

I found a little article on Gaiam Life as I was using StumbleUpon, it is titled “9 Holistic Remedies You need in Your Medicine Cabinet” and it includes some nice affordable holistic remedies. It contains holistic remedies that naturopathic doctors use at home and suggest that their patients use as well for everything from insomnia to athlete’s foot. Some suggested additions to your medicine cabinet include simple things like Vitamin C for cold and flu, white vinegar for athlete’s foot, arnica for bruises swelling and pain relief, and honey for cuts and dry skin. It is important to remember that not all natural products are safe for children, especially out of that list Vitamin C and especially arnica can be hazardous if ingested in large quantities. But overall the list appears to have far less toxic substances than the normal medicines I have in my first aid kit. To read the article which contains all 9 remedies, their uses, directions, and why they work click on the read more below link. Note I have just started using digg, as I figured it would be easier to link to articles that I find and want to post about here.

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