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No Bullying

September 23, 2008

So for the first time my daughter was placed in a daycare type setting while I went to yoga and my husband was at the gym.  The daycare is at the gym my husband was at, and when he came to pick her up the attendants there had nothing but nice things to say about our daughter.  Which was a relief when I received the voicemail after getting out of yoga.  

In addition to her good behavior, my husband saw probably one of the most amusing things I have heard in a while.  My daughter was in over-alls and I had used a binky leash to keep her binky from getting lost at daycare.  I guess another kid, who already had a binky, came up to her and pulled her binky out of her mouth.  My husband watched as the kid tried to pull the binky of the leash, during which time my daughter took the liberty of taking his binky out of his mouth and tossing it off to the side.

I guess that helps to dispell any fears that my kid is going to be a doormat.  It amazes me how independent she is at times, and while at others, when I just want to get the vacuuming done, I end up with her in the moby wrap squishing her soon-to-be sister, who then proceeds to kick me.

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