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1 Year Ago

September 25, 2008

I can’t believe it was one year ago yesterday that I gave birth to my daughter.  I did not post about this yesterday because honestly I was exhausted after the whole day.  I didn’t even throw a party for her, which I have had so many people ask if I did and then ask why I didn’t.  Am I a bad parent or something?

My daughter doesn’t even really interact with people past waving and trying to get their attention.  She isn’t going to really “play” with other little kids at this age, she is curious about other kids but doesn’t really interact with them (except to throw their binky across the room when they try to take hers).

She had her first year check up and is still at the 99% for height and weight for her age, part of the reason that 3 months ago I had people asking me if she was a year old already.  It went well but I was alone to handle her for the whole thing, which when you are 34 weeks pregnant is not easy.

At least I heard the words from the doctor that I needed to hear, “your daughter is a normal healthy toddler”.  Having breathed a sigh of relief, 15 minutes passed before I saw the nurse that was supposed to give my daughter her vaccinations.  The nurse came in with a tray of four syringes and had me put my daughter in my lap with on of her legs pinned between mine and me holding her arms as she tried to wiggle her way out of my grasp.  On the fourth shot the nurse ends up pressing the plunger of the syringe down too fast and influenza vaccine flies everywhere.  All she says is “woops” and then applies a band-aid, while I tried to make sure I did not get any in my eye (thanks only to my glasses protective goggle).  During this time the nurse has pulled a little thing of bubbles out of her scrubs and is blowing bubbles in a futile attempt to stop my daughter from screaming her head off.  All I can think is “please just leave us and she will stop crying faster”, and sure enough once the nurse leaves my daughter practically stops on queue.

After her appointment, I took her over to Target to get her a gift, and to get some more supplies for feeding her solid food, which the doctor informed me I should let her feed herself.  All that statement does is conjure up an image of cheerios all over the floor as Percy, our dog, hoovers them up and my daughter sitting there with yogurt in her hair, lap, and all over her hands.  But I guess she must learn some how, and since I am a housewife I guess I have nothing better to do than constantly clean the house…right…

After Target I finally schlepped my way over to the mail center to ship out the returns I have for REI since my husband did not like the cut of the shirts I had bought him for his birthday.  Granted the pockets did sit so low on the shirt it made it look like his chest was down on his stomach.

Other than that small amount of productiveness by the time I returned home I found that the milk I had purchased as Target had leaked in the back of the Prius and I had a bunch of bags to bring in along with my daughter and Percy, who I picked up from my parents.  So not an ideal day but in the end my daughter got to enjoy a couple new toys thanks to her Babi and Pops (my parents) and the squishy architecture blocks I had picked up at Target.  I think she was perfectly happy with her birthday other than being put down for a nap, and I certainly enjoyed looking at my little girl and realizing how amazing she really is.

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