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Just when you think you are crazy

October 7, 2008

So today has not be extremely taxing or anything.  I think my continued stressing accounts for why today seems to overwhelming.  I have been informed by my yoga teacher that I will be able to make up the teacher training if I am just unable to handle all the current activities in my life, I know I will still probably stick it out and do the next couple weekends I am more worried about the out of class time including going to class for myself and for assisting classes.  I am a month away from my due date as of yesterday and today it would seem that Z has purposefully decided to make life hell by crying about everything that happens.

While the chiropractor went well and I had a nice discussion with her about jobs in medicine and different paths I could take I returned home with an ornary child who needed a nap and food and was reluctant about both.  Getting her to take a nap involved a lot of screaming, her not I.  She finally did take a nap during which time I just sat there vegetable like and dumbfounding until I finally got of my butt and decided to do some half forward bends and seated poses, so I would not feel so lazy.  After the nap she was not particularly crazy until the sleep seemed to wear off.  I enjoyed the five minutes I had of her laying on my chest as she was still in that pseudo-sleepy state, of course that could not last.  She popped up and wanted down and the minute she was on the ground she starts crying.  Thankfully, my husband swept in right when I thought she would seriously cry herself to sleep since she was crawling around and resting her head on the ground repeatedly whilst ignoring my attempts at play time and offering snacks.  He is now off getting charcoal and lighter fluid for the barbeque so I can have my grilled vegetables with basalmic vinegarette mix that I made.  Husbands can be superheros without even knowing it.

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