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October 17, 2008

Currently I am watching Z tear up the California Gneeral election information booklet in our living room.  Her love of tearing up catalogues aside, her current zealous in tearing up that information booklet only mirrors my utter frustration with this whole election.  I honestly am considering relocating my family abroad more and more, and I can only forsee this whole ugly election putting a damper on my birthday, November 4th, if I even turn on the television that day.  It would almost be a blessing if I were in labor then so I could not get the temptation to look at the polling results.

All this election stuff aside, yesterday was a long day but very fruitful.  I went to my husband’s work and got a flu vaccine, more for the baby’s benefit then my own, and then we went out to lunch.  I got to drive out into civilization a second time because at 5pm we planned to head down to the Los Angeles Kids Consignment Sale, which is currently going on through the weekend.  We mostly were headed to find another hiking carrier, the kind that you Kelty makes preferrably, and a crib for the new baby.  We found both!  We got a beautiful Pottery Barn Crib for a real steal, $150, and we found a brand new Kelty kids carrier for, $75, tags still attached.  I also took the opportunity to grab some more cold weather clothing for Z since it does get cold up in the mountains, significantly more so than down in the valleys (we get snow occasionally).  I sort of wish I had taken a look at their mini-travel cribs to use as a bassinet, but c’est la vie.  The line was pretty long and by the end Z was driving us nuts, rightfully so, since she was hungry and had not napped much all day long.  So we raced back up to the SCV and grabbed food for her and us and made our way back up into the mountains for the evening.

Returning the the aforementioned birthday of mine coming up, my husband gave me my present early, since I guess it is something being discontinued and he said he may need to exchange.  And of course he is going to have to exchange it.  Back when we met in Prague and started our friendship, we used to joke about seeing each other running through the gutter whenever a comment that could be completely misconstrued was uttered.  Well somehow during my frolicking through the gutter I earned myself a pair of pink galoshes with daisies on them.  And that is just what I got for my birthday!  Which definitely gave me a good laugh last night, which I think both my husband and I needed after the trek down to the sale.  Of course, he got a size 9 and I needed a 10, but hopefully he will be able to return them no problem.  Too bad I missed out on the matching umbrella, I guess they sold out online.

Now for an OB appointment today and a trip to Whole Foods with my mom who is being kind enough to go with me since my husband has his patriotic duty of going down to SD to drill for the military.

For anyone who does read this the LA Kids Consignment Sale is wonderful, you will definitely find at least one thing there and entrance is free, so it is well worth the trip in my opinion.  I am tempted to return on Sunday for when they have 50% off.

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