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I am losing them…my keys

October 21, 2008

So in less than a 72 hour period I lost my keys twice, mind you two sets of keys, not just one.  Last Friday during the day I misplaced my regular set of keys, I will eventually get to how I found those and the karmic result of lying to my mother about where I found them so she wouldn’t feel bad after she actually went back into town and scoured parking lots and businesses for them.  Then yesterday I lost my spare set of keys that I had while I told the white lie to my mother about where I found my regular set of keys.

We only stopped at two places yesterday, the vet for my million dollar dog’s dog food and Trader Joe’s, neither place did I take anything more then my wallet into, well at Trader Joe’s I took Z in but I can leave her in the car obviously like I can her diaper bag.  Well the original set of keys which has our house key, my parents, the car key, and the alarm activator/deactivator on it was found in the aforementioned diaper bag on Sunday after my husband returned home.  I brilliantly had put it in the back compartment where the changing pad that is too small to use goes, and so of course I did not look there during the original search and rescue for the keys.  Instead of just telling my mother that she went out on a wild goose chase in town for keys that were with me all along, we told her they were found at the OB’s office.  So of course, the forces of the universe saw fit for me to lose the spare set that I had with me yesterday after I lied.  I blame the universe because I am tired of attributing all my mess ups lately to my pregnancy, which in all honestly has turned my brain into mush.

So now I have lost our spare set of keys, it only had an extra car key and our house key on it, but its not in the diaper bag (I am not making that mistak twice), or my mom’s car.  Called the vet not in there, and well I really hate squishing Z in her car seat to go drive out to the vet and Trader Joe’s and scour their parking lots.  But I am sure I will end up doing that when I take the dog on Thursday to go get vaccines and microchipped.

Of course mass hysteria ensued yesterday when I returned home and found I did not have my keys, I have since then calmed down.  But I was sitting there on the floor crying eventually out of frustration and so Z was so kind to sympathize with me and cry too.  Mind you I really didn’t want the sympathy cry, so I sucked it up and fed her and put her down for a nap.  I then proceeded to eat a small amount of dark chocolate and down 4 cups of decaf coffee to make myself feel better.  During that time I came across an articled titled 1,500 Chinese Dogs Die Before They Could Be Slaughtered

by Jessica Gottlieb.  You can click the link and read the full article and digg and stumble it, which I did and highly recommend, but in summary these dogs were going to be slaughtered for their fur but died before they could be slaughtered due to what else?!  Melamine poisoning!  Seriously, I try to buy goods and especially food products made/grown in the U.S.A., but this only reaffirms to me that I am doing the correct thing.  It is better for the environment, and at least I know that companies are required to follow certain regulations especially in the food industry, and at least when they don’t they are held accountable.  I find the whole situation disturbing, and it honestly put into perspective how insignificant my keys are, so I am over it, thanks Jessica for the article.

Now if only there was an article to make me feel better after I found Z had awoke from her nap, went #2, and took her diaper off in her crib.  My husband’s reponse was, “at least she didn’t wipe in on the wall like my brother and I did”.  That is supposed to be comforting?  I am beginning to be wary of how much Z is like her dad.

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