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Demolition & Birth

October 27, 2008
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So, we purchased the makings of a new kitchen. I will eventually take pictures of how our kitchen currently looks and I think you will understand our desire to remodel it. Since we are thrifty we decided to go with IKEA. We had their designer come out and help us layout the kitchen, and over the weekend went and submitted the order forms for the cabinetry. I received the call today and scheduled delivery for next Monday, which is a little stressful enough since I am due next Wednesday. I called my husband to tell him, thinking that we will just schedule the installation for two or three weeks out.

I receive the following called today:

Husband: Hi honey, I talked with the installer and I they are going to do the demo work next Wednesday.

Me: What?!

Husband: Yeah, how it works is they will come and demolish the cabinets that are there and then come back the next day a week later to do the installation in a day two days.

Me: What if I am in labor that day?

Husband: They said that they do not understand and we will just have to reschedule for next month for a later date.

Me: What the hell are you thinking? Okay…

Husband: Love you honey, have to go, bye.

Phone: Click.

I don’t know which is better that conversation or my OB/GYN saying that if I give birth on Halloween he will be delivering me in his gladiator costume.

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