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Too Rural

October 29, 2008

I have to laugh when I go into “civilization”, since most people have no clue as to where I live.  Note, a good chunk of these people actually speed through my neighborhood because a canyon road cuts right through our little town connecting too major valleys in L.A. County.  I often get responses such as “people live up there?” or “there is a town there?”.  My usual thoughts is, “Well. yes, if you actually observed that 35mph sign upon entering our area maybe you would notice the houses and the stop sign I am sure you probably fail to even acknowledge at least half the time”.  But I have a really good filter between my brain and mouth so I usually will not allow such thoughts to escape.

To put it simply though, yes, us mountain folk exist, we are not just a lore told to young children to keep them inside at night.

I am not as surprised when my friends from the San Fernando Valley, where I grew up, have no clue where I live, since yes I do live in an inconspicuous little town that the rest of L.A. County does not need to know exists.  We live off of well water up here, have septic systems, have a little town council of our own, and decorate our yards with run down cars, okay maybe not all of us do the last one I listed.  But for the most part I think most of the residents are pretty in tune with nature up here.  We do not have street lights because it would block our view of the stars, we do not have sidewalks, we have dirt roads in some areas, we actually get snow every now and then in the winter, we cannot just cute down our trees because they are protected oaks, and yet we do NOT have recycling available to us.  I contacted Waste Management that does trash collection in our neighborhood asking them why.

While the woman I spoke with was very nice, the conversation went something like this:

Waste Management Representative [1]: How may I help you?

Me [2]: Well I was curious as to whether or not Waste Management will ever offer recycling in my area.

[1]: What is your address?

[2]: (insert address here)

[1]: Well it appears you live 25 minutes from civilization in a very rural area.

[2]: So?

[1]: Your area just has the big bins available for waste.

[2]: No REALLY?! Yes I am aware of that.

[1]: There are no plans in place for recycling to be available in the future for your area.  You can contact the county or whatever local organization makes the contract with Waste Management to see what you can do about getting it negotiated into the next contract.  Although this would probably raise your rates.

[2]: So who exactly would I contact?  Do you have a phone number or name of a government organization?

[1]: I am sorry but I would just have to suggest that you contact the county.  I could also suggest to you that you collect your recyclables and bring them to the nearest recycling center.

[2]: Yes we have done that but the nearest recycling center is over 35 minutes away in civilization the valley.

[1]: Unfortunately we are not going to send out a truck to pick up recycling for one person.

[2]: You should. Well thank you anyways, have a nice day.

And so I guess I will try to bring this up at the next town council meeting.

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