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Guess what?

October 31, 2008

Chicken butt.

No seriously though I think I have found my next upcoming article to write on.  Since Prop 2 is a big hot button, especially in the major I graduated from, I figured some education in the area of poultry industry terminology would be useful right before the election.  I am not saying whether to vote for Prop 2 or against it, I just want to help people understand what those terms like cage-free, battery cage, etc. mean.

Most people think they are doing right by purchasing “cage-free” eggs, but what does that really mean for the chickens?  To leave you hanging I will just say that my poultry teacher used to laugh about how people would buy cage-free eggs, or free range chicken.  Why would he laugh about it you may ask?  Well come back and hopefully I’ll have the article up by sometime in the next couple days.

An educated consumer and voter can make choices confidently and I think that it is important, since the industry does not teach the consumer much that the information is out there for people to find.

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