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November 4, 2008

I am writing this post since I don’t know when the next one will be at this point.  I have not gotten the chance to sit and write my article on the poultry industry since I have been prepping for baby’s arrival and taking care of all my regular duties.  I feel like a lot of stuff is getting forced, the only thing that is getting put off until next week is the demolition of the kitchen since it looks like I will be giving birth possibly during the originally scheduled demolition.  Otherwise it feels like we have been rushing hither to and from stores and around the house getting everything straightened out.

Now my husband seems to be sick, which is saddening since it means he may not be even allowed in the delivery room or get to hold his new daughter.  I certainly hope that isn’t the case or I will be alone in there, since I do not have my other support person from Z’s birth, my sis.  In the past week we have had the propane tank moved, seen a lawyer, seen my friend Heather who moved up to Seattle, shopped for some last minute items for baby, set up the crib, cleaned out the guest room, hung pictures, and other things that honestly don’t need to get done right this minute but I feel like everything needs to be done now.  This feeling of urgency is consuming me and I am trying to slow down.  Been practicing yoga a lot while Z sits and plays with her toys, and it has helped me calm down.

So we come to today, my birthday, the propane tank filling day, the election day, and finally the day before I am due.  I just can hope everything goes well.

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