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November 17, 2008

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been busy with my new baby girl, who will be known as Rose for the protection of whatever future she decides to make for herself.  It is amazing what you can find out about a person just by googling their name and so I wish to protect her from anything I may say.  But I digress.  On November 5th, the day after my birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 6lbs 13oz.  I was induced, not my idea, but my doctor’s.  I dread that decision now, and I will explain why as it has to do with why I have been MIA.

Baby A I made it through delivery with the help of my wonderful husband and was able to experience birth without an epidural.  With Z I had an epidural after being in labor for about 20 hours, and so I wanted to experience birth without “the drugs” this time around.  I have to say I felt far more aware of my body and what was going on, which was wonderful despite all the pain, and that recovery was far better.  With the epidural it felt like when it wore off my body suddenly experienced all the pain that it was supposed to be feeling, but this time around it was as if after birth my body was coming down from feeling the pain.

I was released from the hospital 24 hours after delivery, which was the soonest I could leave.  I am not a fan of being a patient and did not feel comfortable so I was quite pleased to be going home.  Unfortunately, Friday morning was probably one of the more frightening experiences in my life.  An hour after feeding her, Rose suddenly began choking on her spit-up, went rigid, and turned blue.  Suffice to say after talking to the doctor they had us go to the PICU at a hospital that is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our home.  The following four days found her being subjected to numerous tests and my husband and I wondering what exactly was wrong.  Luckily, she did not have a repeat of the choking episode, although they did find that she has a small case of apnea and a bad case of reflux.  She is happily home now, on medication and an annoying monitor that is keeping track of her breathing and heart beat.  The doctors now believe that the problems could be due to multiple factors including my husband being sick when we was born, apnea problems in his family, and she may just not have been ready to be born despite her arriving on my due date.  So now I get to feel guilty for letting my doctor lead me into getting induced when I really was not confident with the idea, but he is the doctor he knows best right?  My normal skepticism was not present at that appointment unfortunately and I did not stand up for myself and my daughter.  I am going to try to refrain from punishing myself further in this post as I have done that plenty lately.

I have been busy taking care of Rose since we brought her home from the PICU, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding her, as I have the unfortunate problem that I do not produce enough breast milk, but I am trying which I believe counts for something.  My husband and I are also trying to deal with a very disgruntled Z, since she is getting two molars in and now has this new person in the house that is taking attention away from her.

Besides the medical trauma we currently have no kitchen.  Yes, we so brilliantly figured that while my husband is on paternity leave we should get the kitchen redone.  The cabinets were torn out last Wednesday and currently there is painting tape and primer all over the place.  All we have is our stove, refrigerator, kitchen table, and our microwave which is sitting on a side table that we previously had in the living room.  We are using the guest bathroom as a place to wash dishes and the guest bedroom is currently our cabinet.  While they are coming back this Wednesday to install the new cabinets, the countertop will not be installed until the 4th of December.

And so the chaos that is our family continues to never cease.

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  1. November 19, 2008 7:25 am

    Bless your heart! We thought closing on a house four days after Boy Pop was born was a good idea… Dr Pop was on paternity leave, what could be more convenient, right? Umm hmmm…

    Hang in there! I’m sorry you had such a terrible scare! Best wishes and prayers to you and your family!

  2. November 20, 2008 2:24 pm

    Oh my goodness.

    I’m tired just reading that. I’m glad you’re on the upswing. Eat out a lot?

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