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Worth My Weight…

November 29, 2008

I only have been alone with the kidlets for 3 days and my husband was back on vacation for Thanksgiving Thursday through this Sunday. But I have definitely found that taking care of a 14 month old and 3 week old simultaneously can leave a person’s nerves on the brink of snapping. Mind you I love my children, but when I have the unfortunate duty of tending to two crying kids who are both hungry it is hard choosing who can wait.

In addition to their care, I also am still treating myself like a dair cow pumping in the vain hope that I will somehow increase my milk supply enough that I can ditch the formula altogether. This comes especially after reading about the melamine found in some of the major commercial brands of formula. To read more about the melamine in U.S. formula click here.

But today my husband honestly made me feel like I am golden. He pretty much told me that he doesn’t know how I manage it and praised me for taking care of our girls. He also told me if I didn’t clean the whole house on my own (which he did not like the fact I left him nothing to do around here) that it is okay. Time just goes by so fast when you are taking care of two children. Especially now that Z can run, grabbing her to change her has become more of a challenge, and her increased number of tantrums is not helping either.

Hopefully it looks like this week will see the last of the numerous appointments at the doctor both for the kids and I, at least until my 6-week check up. This Thursday will also see our countertop installation and the before and after pictures of our kitchen. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I think that it looks awesome, especially when compared to how the kitchen looked berfore. So here is hoping that this next week and especially weekend go smoothly. My husband is going to be drilling this coming weekend so I will not be getting a break.

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  1. November 29, 2008 11:59 pm

    You really getting busy with your kids. Hope you can have a break soon. Keep it safe. 🙂

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