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December 10, 2008

Yes, I realize that January 1st is 21 days away but due to my manic state and the kind words of Mrs Pop I figured that I need to change my tune.  I will just stick with the idea of applying to Charles University First Faculty of Medicine in Prague this coming year and see what happens and in the mean time I will commit to do the following…

  1. I will attempt to stop using my poor husband as an emotional punching bag, since he is the only person here I can talk to who will respond.  What is the point at acting psychotic emotional towards an individual who cannot respond, it doesn’t create chaos.  But I guess I need to refrain from doing it as it is not healthy for our relationship.
  2. Instead I will divert my emotional instability into more productive areas such as exercising.  I am not sure when I will find the time, but I need to commit to making the time as I have a 20lb spare tire sitting around my middle and on my thighs that I am not accustomed to nor do I wish to become accustomed to it.  This means I will return to yoga.
  3. Sprouting from number 2, I will complete my yoga teacher certification.  I need to for my sanity, as I feel like I am horrible at completing things in my life.
  4. I will finish off all my unfinished crochet projects that are sitting around my desk in our office.  I will also finally begin and COMPLETE the sewing projects I had planned during my pregnancy, especially that spiffy yoga mat bag, zafu, and zafuton.
  5. I will use said items to help bring myself back under control.  I cannot imagine that allowing my emotions to run amuck is healthy for myself or those I live with.
  6. When I ask my husband for help, I will actually let him help me, instead of completing the project at hand before he can take his next breath.  I know it only frustrates him and leaves me tired and possibly in pain when I do not receive help.
  7. I will take better care of my physical appearance.  When you work around the house all day in pajamas it does not help your sefl-esteem.  Then again I won’t be dressing up in sexy lingerie to do my housework and childcare despite my husband’s desires.
  8. I will write more about yoga, animal science, and my new adventures in to ecofying my house (I am planning on taking up composting here as soon as I can get my husband to build the enclosure for the compose pile) and some of my attempts to cut our spending.
  9. I promise to try and take all these resolutions and what is to come in stride.  If I don’t I will probably kill my adrenal glands producing huge amounts of cortisol due to stress.

Finally, I think I will actually take my husband’s offer this weekend to let me go out and do something nice for myself.  I do not know what I will do yet, I have considered cutting my hair but so many of my friends and family tell me how much they love my hair long.  Then again most of them haven’t seen me with hair shorter than bust length since I was 8 years old.  And in going with this idea of taking things in stride and paying attention to what is going on now, I need to figure out what birth control to use since those wonderful 6 weeks are up next Wednesday, and as my husband just commented my birth control sure as hell isn’t going to be abstinence.

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