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Drug of Choice

December 11, 2008

No I am not doing drugs at least not the kind you buy off the streets or from a friend of a friend. I am high on endorphins and I am loving it. My husband, my sister, and I are all people who enjoying exercising but more importantly we need it. Not because we are fat, but because it calms us down mentally and gives us the pick-me-up we need in our day. Even the small workout I chose to do tonight has helped me feel amazing. This has worked out splendidly since this morning started off peachy.

This morning I was awoken by my husband who had made omelets and chose to so kindly serve me in bed.  Surprisingly both of the kids were easier to handle today, I do not know if I should attribute that to getting in a rhythm, this pleasant beginning to my morning, or my kids were just being nice to me (somehow I highly doubt the later of these since Z is the only one who make cognitive decisions right now and she loves being a brat mischievous like her dad).

Another joyous event today was Rose smiling while looking up at me, up until now she has only smiled while asleep.  And while I am well aware she does not have great eyesight or know who I am it definitely is heartwarming just to see her smile.

Despite finding out that my husband has problems picking up my laptop from Geek Squad at Best Buy, I remained quite happy throughout the day.  When he went to go pick it up they claimed it wasn’t under warranty, mind you I have a three year warranty on the laptop and it was just purchased in 2007, and then they tried to refuse him the right to pick it up, despite the fact he dropped it off, because it is under my name not his.  It really is amazing when they claim it isnt’ under warranty and the minute the manager arrives to handle the situation they magically find proof of the warranty in their system…But I digress.

Even now that I found that my laptop is actually not fixed, they did not fix the problem of the battery not being recognized by the computer despite replacing the motherboard, I am still pleased with how my day turned out.  And so I turn in for the evening hoping to hear back from Girl Gamer as to whether or not they would want me to write for them (see that trying to fulfill one of my resolutions, okay it isn’t animal scienc related or yoga, but I love gaming and it gives me excuse to geek out), and I can finally say that things are looking up.  This outlook might keep up if we do get snow this weekend as the forecast shows and I get to throw that first snowball of the season at my husband!

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  1. December 12, 2008 10:49 am

    I love this post!


    Merry Christmas! (or Happy Holidays if you’re politically correct). 😉

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