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One Cell

December 23, 2008

I went to my OB/GYN today for my seven six week follow up.  When he entered the exam room the following conversation commenced:

Doctor: How are you doing?

Me: Good.

Doctor: So have you and your husband fooled around?

Me: What? (I couldn’t believe my doctor just said that).

Doctor: Have you and your husband fooled around yet?

Me: Um, yes.

Doctor: Good, just tell him not to mess up my work down there.

Me: Yeah, you did a great job stitching me up, my husband actually commented on it.  Okay.

And the conversation went on to discuss birth control and then he sent me on my way.

And this has caused my insane mine to produce this post brings me to the meat of this post.  As I held my daughter this evening after a little wine, my inner monologue started going crazy.  I studied Animal Science in college with a concentration in Reproductive Physiology.  As my ex and guy friends used to say, “I study animal sex”.  My favorite subject was embryology, it even led me to think I would be an embryologist one day but I would prefer to be the doctor in charge I think, but I digress.  After inseminating eggs, watching embryos divide and in general studying embryology, I still find it amazing when I hug or hold my kids.  As I held Adela tonight, I could not help but think how amazing it is that she started as an egg fertilized by a sperm, that little zygote divided and eventually became my daughter.  Yes, many people have kids everyday, while that in itself is amazing when you think about the probabilities (due to cell division, possible genetic crossovers or abnormalities, etc.), it does not cease to amaze me when I look at my children.

As Christmas and the Holiday Season arrive I cannot help but look at my children and feel blessed.  I am truely astonished at how amazing life is.

And since I think I will not have the time to make another post before Christmas, I will wish any of my readers (I know there are not many of you) a very Happy Holidays.  I hope I will post before the new year but if I do not, I wish you a Happy New Years as well.

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