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Stirring the Pot: Ideas and Reality

January 15, 2009

Tonight has been the first night I have been able to actually peruse the internet.  I finished reading Early-Start Potty Training by Linda Sonnaas I am attempting to learn about EC, or elimination communication.  Since Libby has been deciding that she should liberate herself from her diapers and clothing, she can work a zipper with great proficiency and I am not enjoying the naptimes that end with her naked and a wet bed.

In other news, my second article has been posted on Eco Child’s Play, please read it and leave comments if you are so inclined.

While reading perusing my RSS feed, which is way too long, I noticed that the Czechs David Černý has successfully ticked off a number of countries.  For those of you who do not keep up on the EU the Czech government commissioned Černý to make a piece of art to celebrate the Czech Republic taking over the EU presidency.  And despite his work often being controversial the government chose Černý.  Now there is a mosaic, Entropa, that portrays Bulgaria as a bunch of linked Turkish toilets, France on strike, among other stereotypes of each country.  To read about the recent outrage click here.

Upon arriving at the WordPress home page to write this entry I found a new blog that I am thoroughly entertained with, For What It’s Worth, in particular his entry titled CFLs and a call for civil disobedience.

Logging off now, as it is 00:41 and Adela is still asleep, which is my cue to get some sleep while I can grab it.  Especially important since we are taking a road trip starting tomorrow evening out to Phoenix, AZ.

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