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Another PICU Visit

February 17, 2009

It seems that Adela will be visiting the PICU again. It is currently 23:22 as I write this and while both my kids were seen because of chest congestion, coughing, and difficulty of breath just yesterday, my youngest is having a harder time of it. We contacted our pediatrician who sent us to the pediatric urgent care, who is now sending my husband and Adela to a hospital with a PICU. Granted it is a good PICU, in the neighborhood I grew up in, but my current dilemma is I am not with her. I am currently feeling like I get a big fat “F”. My husband took Adela because I have been getting massive migraines, partially due to stress from all of us getting sick, school, finances, the list goes on. The other big reason is because my glasses got smashed into my face when I was playing with Libby and they do not quite sit on my face properly anymore. We are out of over the counter migraine medicine and I am sitting here with a throbbing head and a quesy stomach thinking I should be the one with her. My husband should be able to sleep at home in bed and go to work tomorrow. But instead I am here to take care of Libby and we are going to have to switch up spots tomorrow. For those of you who do read this, do not be too alarmed. Both the kidlets were diagnosed with RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, which is not life threatening but unfortunately it is taking its toll on Adela’s little 3.5 month old body and the doctors want to make sure she recovers properly.

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