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Out of Left Field

March 5, 2009

Way too much has been happening lately.  But honestly with my husband and I, it seems like chaos is part of our family, that is if chaos were an actual entity.  And if chaos where an actual entity, the closest embodiment would probably be Libby.  If you ever met my kid, you would understand why I say this.  As my mom said the other day, “She has a face of an angel…” and I finished that sentence with, “and the mind of a little devil.”  But honestly it isn’t the kids lately that have been too much.

Starting at the beginning of this week the following has happened:

  1. Sunday at about 4pm, my husband decided it was a good time to demolish the corner in our living room.  I am not kidding I have the following pictures to back up my statement.  Please ignore the horrible photography and well I couldn’t get hubby to stand still. Okay, granted the fireplace was busted and it would have had to been ripped out eventually, but seriously 4pm on a Sunday?  Not even my feminine whiles could stop him.  As my friend Joc told me, he just had to do something manly.  Of course by Tuesday my husband said to me if he tries to do something like that again I can just say the word “fireplace” and that would stop him.
  2. Had to have a plumber come out and get rid of the gas line that was originally attached to the fireplace.  (Note: Big pipe sticking into the middle of the room waiting for my toddler to hurt herself on it in the above picture)
  3. I caught up with 3 of my closest friends Joc, Ali, and Meghan.  Some with shocking news, like tumors and surgery, and others with happy news that they will be visiting me soon.  All I have to say is boo tumors and YAY company!
  4. My husband has volunteered to leave on a mission for the Navy for the better half of this month.  He needs to do his 2 weeks, but this is extremely short notice.  Unfortunately, my sister will be visiting during the time he is gone because there is a wedding coming up that we will all be going to later this month, in which my sister is a bride’s maid.  This is is in addition to the fact that he will be gone this weekend and then the weekend following his return.
  5. My dog took the liberty of peeing on the carpet and sofa, how he accomplished this I have no clue.  I didn’t know he could have that much pee in him.  Twenty minutes later he went outside and peed again.  My dog either has a very large or very tiny bladder, I cannot figure out which.
  6. My mom informed me she wants me to teach her how to use a computer finally.  Although, she has said this before, I feel that this time she actually means it.
  7. I finally got a new article up on ECP.
  8. Went grocery shopping, did laundry and some other domestic stuff in the middle of all this.  Especially focused on vacuuming to make sure the living room is safe for the kids.
  9. I have been invited to a taping of a show, A Place of Our Own!  I am trying to find someone to watch my toddler and waiting to hear back if I can take baby with me.

I am probably forgetting something in this list, but I am too tired.  So please go enjoy some articles over at ECP and have a wonderful evening.

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