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April 28, 2009

Part written back on the 8th of April:

The hubby is gone until next Friday and I have the kids, a couple stitches, and a wedding to go to.  Sure he has work, but in comparison as a mom I have to say he has it easy.  I guess I need to just accept that unless I do something silly like go join the Reserves like he has, I do not get 2 weeks away.  Although, I am not sure even if I had the two weeks I would be happy.  I went out last night thanks to our babysitter and ended up having dinner alone, not as fun as advertised, and ended up buying groceries and spending money on the kids.  I thought about going and buying lingerie or something but it just is not as much fun without a girlfriend to go with.  I have been bad about posting but I did post another article at ECP.  Click the link to read it.  I need to write another one this week, but writer’s block is killing my creativity.

Now my mom is sick so I have less help then before, not to mention I am lacking adult interaction (not the naughty kind, although I am lacking that too).  But on the bright side my sister is flying in tomorrow, with her husband in tow, for our friend’s wedding.  I cannot do dishes according to the doctor because of the stitches on my finger from the soup can that attacked me, so my sister has stuck her husband on my dish duty, which is great!  My finger does look a whole lot better already though, as long as I stop poking at it.

I have a comrade in my good friend J as his S.O., my best friend Joc, is gone until Friday.  They are hopefully going to visit me next week, which will definitely help wear out the kids and light up my day.  For those few readers I have, any suggestions on a subject for an article for ECP?  I would greatly appreciate it.  Currently, my only subject in mind is reviewing the GreenPan which I purchased at Target, as I am hoping to squeeze some new pans out of our budget and would really like to ditch the Teflon.

And now to add in the fact that after my husband got back I ended up with strep throat and then the kids ended up with some other illness and finally my husband caught it.  Since then we have had a guy to come in and measure our living room and kitchen, for possible new flooring.  Our plumbing backed up into the garage first (lets not go into how horrific that was) and then again after having our plumbing snaked it backed up into the tubs and toilets.  Because of this we had a trench in our front yard because the septic system was suspect for the problem.  It appears instead we had pieces of drywall in our drainage, how that happened we have no clue.  Finally we have been planning to have our lighting redone by a friend of ours but despite all the planning he hasn’t been able to get out here.  And so finally I am posting again.  Part of it has been all the stuff we have been through lately, but I think the other half is I have felt uninspired by life of late and while I have projects lined up, it seems then need to be pushed off because something else needs to be done first.  Such as using the left over wood from demoing part of our living room and building raised vegetable boxes out of it, unfortunately the front yard needs to be leveled.  And so I am posting mostly to make myself feel like I have dropped the ball on my roll on the internet, however miniscule it may be.  I want to keep this up, lately it just seems like too much of a chore, more so than the piles of laundry and all the other cleaning around the house.  Sort of ironic that the original post I meant to put up was back on the 8th and I’m finally posting on the 28th.  Oh well, as least I can rest easy at least putting something up here.  Still trying to brainstorm for ECP.

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