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Being a Man: Sis, please understand I need to vent

February 4, 2009

Nope, not a sex change.  But currently this is a topic of discussion in my family as my sister’s husband is being a douche.  Yeah, I won’t post my sister’s name on here, or his, despite my overwhelming desire to beat him upside the head.  And if he reads this, it is time to deal with the fact you are acting like a douche.

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‘Adultery’ service targets married Texans

February 4, 2009

A dating service is targeting its advertising at married people — encouraging them to commit adultery.

I think my sister has a point as to why she doesn’t want her husband visiting Texas, especially since all his friends who live there want to do is go to a strip club. Where they claim they are allowed to everything except the horizontal tango. Of course, you never know what money can buy, they do after all drop $500 to $600 every time they attend the strip club.

When those men on Capitol Hill were thinking of stimulating the economy, I am not sure that is what they had on their mind. But who knows?

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My Conversion

January 29, 2009

No, I did not go off and join a new religion.  Most of my good friends know that I end the religion conversation by just throwing out the phrase “I grew up Catholic”.  It is by far the best conversation killer out there, especially when speaking to Christians.

sexy_linuxNo, instead I have converted to Linux.  A better part of last weekend was spent wiping the hard drive of inappropriate content cleaning up my desktop and well I asked my IT guru husband to make it a dual boot WinXP and Ubuntu 8.10.  Since then I have only loaded WinXP once, and that was to figure out if it was just Linux messing with me when I was trying to get on the internet or my wireless card had gotten loose.  So far, the battle between Ubuntu and I is currently a tied score.  The good news is I am thoroughly enjoying this game and I am in it for the long haul.

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Posting Late?

January 28, 2009

I’ve been a bad blogger of late.  I have not posted anywhere near as much as I would like, which prompts me to ask the question, “Is this post too late?”  I know a great deal of blog followers like to see posts frequently, but hopefully the few people who do follow me here will forgive me.  On my RSS feed I follow a lot of blogs, although my list probably pales in comparison to many, and I often feel overhwelmed keeping up.  I guess it does not help that I follow news RSS feeds as well.

I have posted my fourth article at ECP, this one is on cell phones and the danger they pose to children as pedestrians.  My third article on yerba mate was posted last week, but I have been a bad girl as I mentioned and not posted recently.  I personally find it ridiculous that so many children own cell phones at the age of 12.  What do they need them for?  I mean seriously, they are in school with most of their friends all day.  Are pen and paper not good enough for writing down lecture notes passing notes ?

My greatest dilemma with writing for ECP lately is I have so many articles I want to write, but do not have the time.  If I could sit and just pump out articles I would probably post three to four times per week, but lately things have been hectic.  Between visiting Phoenix, AZ for hubby’s potential return to college, the kids and I getting sick, and the Prius breaking down for the third time, it has been hard to sit down at a computer.  Oh, and did I mention we wiped my desktop hard drive and submitting my laptop for service as it was not recognizing the battery (what is the point of a laptop that must be plugged in?).  My desktop is now a dual boot Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP machine.  I finally today was able to keep the internet up on Ubuntu long enough to download and install all the updates.  Unfortunately I still have not gotten my wireless N adapter to play nice with Ubuntu, instead I had to plug in an older USB wireless adapter.

The NyQuil is taking effect and I must call it a night.  Hopefully, I will be better about this writing thing.  Maybe, I will do something worth writing about in relationship to sustainable living between now and the weekend.

Stirring the Pot: Ideas and Reality

January 15, 2009

Tonight has been the first night I have been able to actually peruse the internet.  I finished reading Early-Start Potty Training by Linda Sonnaas I am attempting to learn about EC, or elimination communication.  Since Libby has been deciding that she should liberate herself from her diapers and clothing, she can work a zipper with great proficiency and I am not enjoying the naptimes that end with her naked and a wet bed.

In other news, my second article has been posted on Eco Child’s Play, please read it and leave comments if you are so inclined.

While reading perusing my RSS feed, which is way too long, I noticed that the Czechs David Černý has successfully ticked off a number of countries.  For those of you who do not keep up on the EU the Czech government commissioned Černý to make a piece of art to celebrate the Czech Republic taking over the EU presidency.  And despite his work often being controversial the government chose Černý.  Now there is a mosaic, Entropa, that portrays Bulgaria as a bunch of linked Turkish toilets, France on strike, among other stereotypes of each country.  To read about the recent outrage click here.

Upon arriving at the WordPress home page to write this entry I found a new blog that I am thoroughly entertained with, For What It’s Worth, in particular his entry titled CFLs and a call for civil disobedience.

Logging off now, as it is 00:41 and Adela is still asleep, which is my cue to get some sleep while I can grab it.  Especially important since we are taking a road trip starting tomorrow evening out to Phoenix, AZ.

Our Vegetarian Youth: 1 in 200 Kids is a Vegetarian

January 14, 2009

My newest article on how the youth of the U.S. are turning to a vegetarian or vegan eating habits.

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My First Article

January 11, 2009

I am now (corrected thanks to Courtney’s comment) a writer at Eco Child’s Play, and my first article is up for reading and commentary.  Please feel free to leave a comment, criticism is welcome.  How else am I going to learn how to improve?  My article is Healthcare Needed for Our Tweens and Teens.  Unfortunately I cannot write a synopsis write now to give you an idea since Adela is calling me right now.  I am currently planning to have my articles up on Tuesdays so keep an eye out.  I also took the small naptime break to add some new blogs to my blogroll and to add a link to my author profile at Eco Child’s Play.  Enjoy!